Northeastern University Launches Performance-Based Admissions for Select Graduate Business Programs

May 9, 2024 | AI Certificate, Online MBA

Northeastern University is proud to introduce a groundbreaking approach to graduate admissions with the launch of Performance-Based Admissions (PBA). This innovative process revolutionizes traditional admissions methods, providing a streamlined pathway for aspiring graduate students to showcase their skills and dive straight into coursework.

Eligible graduate programs currently include Online MBA & Online Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (OGCBA).

What is Performance-Based Admissions?

Performance-Based Admissions, or "PBA," aims to simplify the graduate admissions process. Instead of navigating through extensive application requirements, prospective students can demonstrate their capabilities directly through coursework. Upon completing a “Fast App”, applicants will receive a link to enroll in two required PBA courses (Pathway Courses). These courses, representing a sample of OMBA classwork, are part of the program curriculum. Students who achieve a B grade or better in both Pathway Courses will progress into the full degree program the following term. The degree program will accept all credits earned from Pathway Courses.

Why Performance-Based Admissions at Northeastern?

As a trailblazer in experiential and innovative higher education, Northeastern University recognizes the evolving needs of today's professionals. Traditional application processes, with their demands for extensive documentation and waiting periods, can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Performance-Based Admissions eliminates these hurdles, empowering adult learners to focus on what truly matters—their academic potential. By using real coursework as the admission benchmark, Northeastern University creates a fair and accessible pathway for individuals to pursue their educational aspirations.

Fast App Requirements

The Fast App process for Performance-Based Admissions is straightforward and efficient. Applicants eligible for the Fast App gain access to the two designated Pathway Courses for the upcoming term. To progress from the Pathway Courses into the full degree program, students must achieve a grade of B or higher in both courses and provide proof of a completed bachelor's degree before the Pathway Courses' completion. This streamlined approach emphasizes merit and readiness for advanced study, paving the way for a successful academic journey.

At Northeastern University, we are committed to fostering excellence and inclusivity in higher education. Performance-Based Admissions represents our dedication to creating accessible pathways for aspiring graduate students, ensuring that talent and determination are the cornerstones of success. Join us in redefining the future of graduate education—one performance at a time.

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