Online MBA (OMBA)

Master of Business Administration

How to apply using the standard application

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Next deadline: Apply by June 10 to start courses July 1.

Admissions requirements


Undergraduate degree from an accredited institution of higher learning


GPA score of 3.0 or higher on a scale of 4.0


$100 application fee*

*Application fee waivers are available - contact us to learn more.

No GMAT or GRE required

If you feel like your application materials don't tell your full story, check out our Fast App performance-based admission pathway into the Online MBA program.

How to apply

Step 1

Prepare your materials

To apply, you'll need to submit the following materials:

Professional Resume

You'll need to upload an up-to-date professional resume that lists academic and professional experience. Please include dates for each experience.

  • Northeastern requires transcript from EVERY post-high school institution you have received academic credit.
  • Unofficial transcripts are sufficient for a final application decision. Unofficial transcripts can often be downloaded as a PDF from your previous institution’s alumni portal.
  • You will need to provide official transcripts prior to enrollment. Official transcripts are verified documents that come directly from your institution through a transcript service. Official transcripts must include degree conferral date, so transcripts should be requested after graduation.
  • Requesting official transcripts:
    • We accept official transcripts from the National Student Clearinghouse (, Parchment (, and eSCRIP-SAFE ( Please note, transcripts can take 2-4 weeks to process.
    • You can request to have your transcript emailed to us at [email protected] or select your program name through the services as follows:
    • For online programs, including the Online MBA, use:
      • Parchment program name: Northeastern University, D'Amore-McKim School of Business ONLINE
      • National Student Clearinghouse program name: Northeastern University-D'Amore-McKim Online Grad Prg
Personal Statement
  • 400 words minimum, 800 words maximum​
  • Questions to help guide your writing: ​
    • What are your short and long-term professional goals?​
    • How will your previous experiences contribute to your academic success?​
    • Why are you interested in pursuing an MBA? Why Northeastern?? ​
  • This essay is an opportunity to tell us who you are and who you want to be!​
  • Use a formal tone, but keep your writing authentic and honest
Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Provides additional perspective into your abilities and potential ​
  • Should be professional references (i.e. supervisors, professors)) ​
    • Avoid family/friends ​
  • Best practice: Ask recommenders 6-8 weeks in advance of deadline, when possible
Optional Supplemental Essay

Some applicants choose to submit a supplemental essay. Effective uses are to explain: ​

  • Gaps in your work experience ​
  • Your choice of recommender ​
  • Past academic performance ​
  • Personal or family circumstances that impacted a component ​of your application

*Note, if you are applying to the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, you will follow the same process as Online MBA applicants. 

Step 2

Complete and submit your application

To start an application for the Online MBA or Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, go to

*If you are applying for the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration, select “Graduate Certificate” in the “Degree Sought” field (minute 1:27 in the video). 

Step 3

Check your application status

Check your application status through the application portal and your email. We may reach out with additional questions/requests to submit additional materials.  

You will typically hear back from us within 7-14 business days, regardless of application period.

Apply by June 10 to start courses July 1.

International applicants

In addition to the general admissions requirements, the following apply to international candidates.

For more information, review our admissions policies, and theGraduate Admissions FAQ Section. 

English Proficiency Skills
  • Written and verbal English proficiency is necessary for success in D'Amore-McKim classrooms. If you are not a native English speaker, we require a standardized test of English language proficiency unless you completed a bachelor's or master's degree at an accredited institution where English is the language of instruction, or you have worked full-time for two years in the United States or other native English-speaking environment.  
  • Demonstrating Proficiency with Test Scores - We accept the following English language proficiency test scores: TOEFL iBT®, IELTS, Duolingo, andPTE Academic. Enter your scores and upload a scanned copy of your results as a document in your online application. Results from these tests are valid for two years.We do not accept TOEFL's MyBest™ scores. 
Academic Transcript Translation and Evaluations
  • In addition to the standard application requirements, we require English translations of academic transcripts that reflect a GPA score of a 3.0 or higher on a scale of 4.0. You may submit unofficial, scanned academic transcripts through our application with an English translation. 
  • Include all postsecondary educational institutions you have attended, and any technical or professional schools and your diploma or degree earned. Do not include transcripts from your secondary school or high school.  
  • You'll need to provide official test scores and can find instructions for requesting these in the FAQ about submitting official transcripts. You must request a course-by-course international credential evaluation if you earned a degree outside the United States.  
  • The Admissions Committee will accept an evaluation by any organization recognized by the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES). Many of our applicants use the services of World Education Services ( 

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