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Master of Business Administration & Graduate Certificate in Business Administration

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The Online MBA and Online Grad Cert in Business Administration offers multiple admissions pathways—learn more about which track is best for you.

Fast App (Performance-Based Admissions)

Performance-Based Admissions is a great option for applicants interested in a streamlined pathway into Northeastern’s Online MBA program. Students will not officially matriculate into the degree program until they complete two pathway courses. After successful completion of the pathway courses, students will receive an official acceptance letter from Northeastern and will be eligible for financial aid.  

Standard graduate application

Prospective students can also apply to the Online MBA through Northeastern’s standard graduate application. Students admitted from the standard application are fully matriculated from their first term— pathway course requirements will be waived.  

If your company provides an employer tuition benefit: 

Connect with your employer to see if Performance-Based Admissions will be accepted for tuition reimbursement. Some employers may require an official offer letter to deploy benefits. Northeastern can provide an enrollment letter upon request.  

If you are a Northeastern faculty or staff member: 

Northeastern faculty and staff will not be eligible to utilize their employer tuition benefit until they matriculate to a degree student.  If you need the tuition benefit to fund your degree from the onset, we encourage you to apply as a traditional admit. 

If you will require financial aid for the entire program:  

Performance-Based Admissions learners are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid in the form of loans until they matriculate to a degree student. If you need financial aid to fund your degree from the onset, we encourage you to apply as a traditional admit. 

If you received your bachelor’s degree outside of the United States:  

Your transcripts may need additional review to matriculate into the program. International students are recommended to apply using the standard graduate application process to ensure transcripts are admissible for graduate admissions before starting the program.  

Learn more about requirements for international candidates. 

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