EXPO Courses

Learn by doing

A program rooted in experience

At Northeastern University, we believe that learning by doing is the best way to prepare for your career. That’s why our Online MBA program includes immersive experiential opportunities through our EXPO courses. One-fifth of your learning in the Online MBA program will be rooted in experience—involving actual assignments with companies and organizations.

You’ll integrate classroom learning to help identify and frame challenges and problems in actual organizations. You’ll leverage knowledge and judgment, acquire tools and collect and analyze relevant data while working individually or in a team environment. You’ll develop and test concepts and then acquire detailed customer and expert feedback relevant to your project.

You’ll also have many opportunities to meet with and receive feedback from real business executives along the way in order to apply real-world learning to your coursework.

Preview an EXPO Course

Mark Dockser, Professor of Practice, Entrepreneurship & Innovation walks you through the EXPO course experience in the Online MBA program.